Môn Viết, Andy đang học chủ đề Truyện Ngụ Ngôn. Các em đọc những truyện kinh điển của Aesop, vẽ tranh minh họa, thảo luận và viết lại bài học từ truyện. Xong, mỗi bạn tập viết truyện ngụ ngôn, đọc cho cả lớp nghe. Truyện hay nhất được trao giải “Tác giả tương lai”. Truyện The Eagle’s Snack của Andy được 3.8, đứng thứ 2 sau bạn Cheryl được 4. Andy thích những kết thúc kịch tính và em không bỏ lỡ cơ hội đưa “máu me” vào tác phẩm của mình.

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The Eagle’s Snack

By: Andy Pham

One hot day in the dessert the mischievous Tortoise asked his friend the Lizard if he wanted to steal Eagle’s eggs, for a prank. Despite the fact that he knew it was wrong, he thought it was funny, so he agreed.

 Then Tortoise decided to ask Gecko too. But because he was a righteous reptile, he refused the proposal and went on with his duties. The next day, when Tortoise and Lizard started to set off for the mountains, Gecko tried to stop them, because only he knew the consequences. But they laughed at him, calling him a coward, while hiking up the first few steps of the mountain. Little did they know that, those would be their last laugh’s.

In the afternoon, once they finally got there, they crept up the long limbs of the tree ever so quietly. Until … SNAP! Eagle heard the branch break and soared at them, snapping her beak until they were just bloody carcasses that were to be eaten for dinner.

Moral: When you’re incorruptible, misfortune will be out of your way.