This is how John Preece described Canada ” a big, cold land at the top of the world (the one where the people are nice and say ‘sorry’ a lot.”

Can you explain a hard idea using only the ten-hundred most used words? One well-known try is “Up-Goer Five“. You can try it yourself here.

This is the link to 1000 most commonly used words

Can you guess what the writer wants to describe in the following paragraph?

“In almost every town, there is a place where you can go to get books, without having to pay any money for them. Instead, you share the books with everyone else in the town. You are able to take them home to read, but once you are finished with them, or once you reach the end of the time you are given in which to read them, you must bring them back. Sometimes, you can ask for more time, but if someone else wants to read the same book, you will usually not be given more time just then. You will have to wait until your turn comes around again. The whole point is to give everyone the same chance to read the books you are all sharing.

This place usually has each and every book put into its own space. It is kept in order by putting a letters or numbers onto the books to help show where each one goes. The letters might match the letters in the last name of the person who wrote the book. Or the numbers are made to mean something, like three might mean thinking. So all books about thinking might have a number that starts with three. Usually, books that are written about real things are kept in order using numbers that are meant to mean those things. Books that are stories are kept in order using the letters from the last name of the person who wrote them. Never fear.

If it is hard for you to figure out how the books are kept in order, there are some nice people who work there who can help you find what you are looking for!”