By Andy Pham

To me, identity is like a form that you take, and change as life continues. It represents you and is very precious. If you lose it, you lose yourself.

I see myself as a deep river, full of fish. I learn quickly and I’m always ready to move on. I change each day, so if you truly want to understand me, you have to dive in to the core. I can be dependable in times of need, and I make friends easily. But you must always tread carefully, because I can be dangerous if pushed. Overall, others see me as a dizzy turtle. I am smart, but can easily be distracted. I can be extremely silly at times and exactly at others. I am very confusing, and unique, like us all. Some things that make up my identity are that I love to doodle, my family originates from Vietnam, and if I can, I’ll give you advice if you just ask! The colour that best portrays me is blue. Blue has many sides to it, such as the dark, the calm, or the cheerful. Blue is just like my Zodiac symbol, the Gemini. The Gemini is known for its many personalities and their depths. Doodling is a form of art that represents me in many ways. For example, doodling is quick, and fun. It wastes your time, but in a way that is likeable.

So in the end, I am a person who never really stays the same. I change, and shift, while struggling to stay inside my frame of familiarity. That is me, the only part of me that doesn’t change or becomes forgotten, but rather sticks like a tattoo. That is my identity.