beforeigotosleep Tác giả: S.J. Watson

Ai thích Memento thì chắc sẽ thích Before I go to Sleep. Truyện kể về một phụ nữ mất trí nhớ và cố gắng hồi phục lại từng mảnh vụn của ký ức. Mình rất thích kiểu truyện vừa tâm lý, vừa bí ẩn kịch tích.

Đoạn trích sau đây nằm trong trang đầu tiên của sách.

‘What’s going on?’ I say. I am screaming; tears run down my face. The man is sitting up in bed, his eyes half closed. ‘Who are you?’

‘I’m your husband,’ he says. His face is sleepy, without a trace of annoyance. He does not look at my naked body. ‘We’ve been married for years.’

‘What do you mean?’ I say. I want to run, but there is nowhere to go. ‘”Married for years”? What do you mean?’ He stands up. ‘Here,’ he says, and passes me the dressing gown, waiting while I put it on. He is wearing pyjama trousers that are too big for him, a white vest. He reminds me of my father.

‘We got married in nineteen eighty-five,’ he says. ‘Twenty-two years ago. You – ‘

‘What – ?’ I feel the blood drain from my face, the room begin to spin. A clock ticks, somewhere in the house, and it sounds as loud as a hammer. ‘But – ‘ He takes a step towards me. ‘How – ?’

‘Christine, you’re forty-seven now,’ he says. I look at him, this stranger who is smiling at me. I don’t want to believe him, don’t want even to hear what he’s saying, but he carries on. ‘You had an accident,’ he says. ‘A bad accident. You suffered head injuries. You have problems remembering things.’

Đọc xong truyện này, nghĩ về chuyện mất trí nhớ. Cảm thấy thật kinh khủng.và depressing.

Truyện được dựng thành phim năm ngoái và có Nicole Kidman, Mark Strong, Collin Firth tham gia.