By: Jo Nesbo

Khi lần đầu tiên đọc The Snowman của Jo Nesbo, mình sốc vì tin rằng xã hội Bắc Âu là tuyệt vời. Rồi sau đó, mình mê thám tử Harry Hole và bắt đầu quan tâm đến Na Uy.

The Son là tác phẩm mới nhất của ông.

Jo Nesbo trong một phỏng vấn về tác phẩm này đã nói như sau:

“Norway is a young nation, born in 1905, and all young nations need to find the things that will be part of their self-image. For Norway, that’s been the polar explorers, the somewhat shaky idea of our strong resistance to the Nazis, our athletes, and the idea of Norway as a freedom-loving, liberal, friendly country. It’s sort of a happy valley, and of course people ask themselves: what is it that makes this such an outstanding country? Probably the answer is oil, because Norway was one of the poorest countries in Europe.

“If you look at Sweden and Denmark and see how they have been able to market everything from music to design, and then you look at Norway, you will see that what we’ve been doing is pumping up oil, cutting down timber, fishing up fish and sending them out to the world. Norway has never really invented anything. We’ve been a nation of manual labour, but the one thing Norway can be proud of, our biggest national quality from very early on, has been that it’s a very egalitarian country. We had no nobility. We had kings, but they were small kings. It’s sort of the blessing of being in a country where everyone is somewhat poor. It is a country where even the party of the right, though they may not know it themselves, at the core are social democrats.”