Take The Challenge!

If you could build the bridge of your dreams anywhere in the world, where would it be? Perhaps on an island off the cost of a continent, or two countries that you think should be connected. Use a map or a globe if you need some finding such a place.

Once you’ve picked your site, get some paper and colored pencils, and start drawing.

–         What type of bridge will you design? A super long suspension bridge? A combination design like T.Y. Lin’s? Or maybe you have a dream all your own?

–         Whatever you come up with, think about the problem your site presents. How will you solve them?

–         Think about the material you will need. Can parts of your bridge be made out of composites, or are you going to rely on trusty steel and concrete? Now, add some color. Something wild like stripes? Or do you prefer your bridge to blend in with its natural surroundings?

Then, build a model of your bridge. Gather materials that you used for the other bridges you’ve built, like Popsicle sticks, string and cardboard, or find something new. Make your future dream come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!