Út viết tóm tắt truyện Sơn Tinh và Thủy Tinh rồi viết lại đoạn kết.

Son Tinh and Thuy Tinh

This story is about King Hung’s daughter’s husband. The king never thought that anyone was worthy for My Nuong the princess. One day two great young strong men came both having a proposal. The king decided  that both these men were worthy of My Nuong. Son Tinh the Mountain Lord and Thuy Tinh the Sea Lord, but there was one problem. Which one should he choose he thought. To solve his problem he told both men to gather their wedding gifts and who ever returned first would take My Nuong’s hand. But first he wanted to see their powers first.

Immediately, Thuy Tinh raised his left arm and created a huge storm and said, “If you marry me then you will be the Queen of the Sea!” Then he raised his right arm and stopped the storm. Everyone started whispering about how powerful he was.

Then it was Son Tinh’s turn. Everybody watched him with wide eyes as he whistled softly. Everyone could here the birds chirping and a calm wind blew over the palace. Then he said, “If you marry me then you may rule the mountains along side me! We will be the rulers of all the animals!”.

So then the king dismissed them and sent them on their way for My Nuong’s wedding gifts. Each Lord ran off as quickly as they could to find their gifts.

Son Tinh called his animal friends and told them what he needed. The monkeys picked the ripest Mangos and the elephants helped pick out the best gems from the caves.

Thuy Tinh went back to the sea and asked the oysters for their biggest and shiniest pearls. Then he told the crabs to gather seaweed.

When the sun barely rose, Thuy Tinh was found at the entrance of the castle and so he married My Nuong. My Nuong said her goodbye to her parents and happily left with Thuy Tinh to the ocean. Shortly after, Son Tinh returned with almost the same gift but he returned after Thuy Tinh. The king said, “I am sorry and as promised I let Thuy Tinh take My Nuong because he returned first.”. Son Tinh knew the king was right so he left upset but not defeated. He called the ocean floor to come up from beneath the vast bodies of water. The Ocean floor swallowed the water and the water that did escape had to run to the small lakes in the mountains. Now Thuy Tinh and My Nuong were trapped in the mountain. He sent the animals to throw out Thuy Tinh and bring him My Nuong. From that day forward there was no such thing as ocean.