Sếp luôn dạy mình điều hay ý đẹp. Sáng nay, sếp hí hửng nói “Muốn học từ mới không? Schadenfreude. Tui cảm nhận cảm giác Schadenfreude tối qua, khi con riêng của bạn trai tui trượt hết 5 trường đại học. Bạn trai tui luôn nói con nhỏ đó là giỏi nhất thế giới. Ha ha”
Bạn muốn học từ mới không? Schadenfreude. Đọc đoạn đối thoại ngắn sau.
Nicky: “Schadenfruede, what’s that, some sort of Nazi word?”

Gary Coleman: “Yep, it’s German for ‘Happiness at the misfortune of others!'”

Nicky: “‘Happiness at the misfortune of others’, that IS German!”

Gary Coleman: Right now you’r down and out, and feelin’ really crappy.

N: I’ll say.

Gary Coleman: And when I see how sad you are, it sorta makes me… HAP-PY…!!!

Nicky: HAPPY?!

Gary Coleman: Sorry Nicky, human nature, nothin’ I can do. It’s Schadenfruede, makin’ me feel glad that I’m not you!

Nicky: Well that’s not very nice, Gary!

Gary Coleman: I didn’t say it was nice, but ev’rybody does it! D’jah ever clap when a waitress falls, and drops a tray of glasses?

Nicky: Yeah.

Gary Coleman: And ain’t it fun to watch figure skaters fallin’ on their asses?

Nicky: Sure!

Gary Coleman: Don’tcha feel all warm and cozy watching people out in the rain? That’s

Both: Schadenfreude!

Gary Coleman: People taking pleasure in your pain!