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Quảng Trí Chánh/Vương Chước
Quảng Tuệ Dung/Vương Lê Lan

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Một trích dẫn

The definition is: being happy with someone’s fortune/happiness.
Sympathetic joy here refers to the potential of bliss and happiness of all
sentient beings, as they can all become Buddhas.
The near enemy is hypocrisy or affectation.
The opposite is jealousy, when one cannot accept the happiness of others.
A result which one needs to avoid is: spaced-out bliss, which can easily turn
into laziness.
Note: sympathetic joy is a great antidote to depression for oneself as well,
but this should not be the main goal.
By rejoicing in others’ progress on the spiritual path, one can actually share
in their positive karma.
Sympathetic joy is an unselfish, very positive mental attitude which is
beneficial for oneself and others. In this case, it also refers specifically to
rejoicing in the high rebirth and enlightenment of others.”